Cambridge Writers’ Group: Exercises     



Thursday October 26, 2006


Take 15 – 20 minutes to complete one of these exercises.


1.   In your current piece, at the opening to a scene (or scenes), free-write a list of descriptions peculiar to that place that would anchor the reader. Once you have this list, pick three of the best descriptions and incorporate them into the scene.   


2.   Find an object in the place that you are writing. Focusing on that object, re imagine a scene that you are currently working on (or a new one altogether) from the point of view of the object.


3.    Personification can sometimes be a useful tool, or, if used improperly, can suspend the believability of your piece. Imagine a favorite animal. Write a short selection through the eyes of that animal, using experience/emotion that would be important to the animal -rather than those that might be important to a human -to anchor your piece.     


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