Cambridge Writers' Group – FAQs


  • How often does the Cambridge Writers’ Group meet?


The group meets every other week on Thursdays for 1.5 hours, 30 minutes of which are used for group administrative discussion, doing writing exercises or sharing information on the road to publication, with the rest of the time devoted to discussion of members’ work.  Meeting schedules are set at the beginning of January, June and September, and are posted online. 


  • Are meetings free?


Currently monthly dues are $10, due at the beginning of each month, which are used to cover the costs of the meeting room and group administrative costs. 


  • Is attendance mandatory?


One of the primary motivations for the group is to be a continual source of encouragement to its members, and we have agreed to meet regularly every other week as a way to foster continuity and to keep us all writing.  For that reason members are urged not to miss more than two sessions.  In the event that a member cannot attend a meeting he or she most notify the meeting facilitator of his/her absence.


  • What should I bring with me to group meetings?


Every week members are expected to bring a detailed written critique of the works to be discussed for that meeting.  Members should plan to have something written for each meeting.  If their writing sample is not being discussed, he or she is still expected to attend the meeting with their critiques.


Since we do group writing exercises please bring a writing implement and scratch paper to group meetings.  Some members have found it advantageous to bring a notebook.  


  • Do I have to be a published and/or experienced writer to join?


No!  The majority of the group is has not been published in fiction, though several people have been published academically.  The only criteria that we ask of you is that you have a fiction piece – either a novel or short stories - to which you are committed to workshopping with the intention of seeing it through to publication.  We work very hard to make the group a supporting place where intelligent well thought out discussion and critique is fostered. 


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