Cambridge Writers' Group


Welcome to our writers' group website!  The group is intended to be a place to offer feedback on writing projects, practice writing exercises, disseminate information on breaking into the writing business, and serve as a great support resource.  


The majority of group members met while students in a writers' workshop during the fall of 2005 and we subsequently became a formal group in January of 2006. Our meetings are 1.5 hours long and are focused on discussing the writers’ works that have been e-mailed to the group ahead of time. We spend roughly 20 minutes discussing each person’s piece, with more time allotted depending on how many works we need to discuss. We also spend 30 minutes of the group either doing writing exercises or sharing information on the road to publication, depending on what activity is posted beforehand on the online schedule.


If you are scheduled to share your story please e-mail your work around no later than the Saturday after our group meeting so that everyone will have time to read and comment fully on the piece. 


~ Nicole

Writers' Group