Cambridge Writers Group: Exercises



Thursday April 26, 2007


Take 15 20 minutes to complete one of these exercises.


1. Think of a distinctive face - this must be a face that you have actually seen but need not be the face of a human. Jot down not only several words to describing the face but also how each feature made you feel. Write a short selection based on what you have written, conveying both the physical and emotional description of the face.


2."Yesterday I believed that it was not possible but as I stood at the entrance to the room I could not escape the truth." Use this sentence as a starting point for your writing.


3. Think about a meal where you were served your favorite dish. Try to remember not only the taste and appearance of the food, but also the conversation during the meal (or lack thereof), the temperature of the room, the color of the dishes, etc. Now think of how a character that you are working on would experience a similar meal. Write a short selection from the point of view of your character.


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